Team Building Tour/Workshop

Teams Through a New Lens

Join us for a day of fun, creativity and learning while we take your team to the next level of collaboration and communication.

Building team engagement happens when a team has fun, is in a different environment, has great discussions leading to new actions, and learns practical skills that can be easily remembered and make a difference at work. Ben Clarke and I bring more than 30 years of leadership experience and passion for the outdoors to this unique team building day that gets you and your team away from the office and the assumptions and habits that live there.

Come and spend a day with us hiking up canyons in the Rockies or by a roaring river just a couple of hundred metres from the road. We design the day to suit all levels of physical fitness. Our aim is to create an experience where you not only learn but also enjoy, relax and remember.

Most of our work is in the foothills west of Calgary, but we're able to travel to you. In the first half of the day, I bring my passion for photography and leadership to work on your team's communication and collaboration skills. Every day, teams have challenges that hinder communication and collaboration: it could be scheduling, busyness, distance or working with different generations.

Through fun and creative photography exercises, you will be inspired in unique ways to creatively capture photos of yourself and a teammate in the beautiful foothills while working on communication and collaboration skills.

For example, I will put you next to a roaring river, or give you a long lens and move you 100m away from your partner where you need to figure out together how to capture the photo. We then debrief each exercise, asking questions and letting the team talk through the experience.

Having deliberately had fun during the morning gives us license to go a bit deeper in the afternoon where Ben will explore the idea that we all wear masks at work, to show off our strengths and to hide the bits we don't think are useful at work.

Ben gives each of you a mask and asks you to privately write on the inside your strengths, experiences or emotions that you don't bring to work. Some of these things can stay private, and some you may want to share.

For example, through this exercise, one of our teams had uncovered that they had a children's story writer and an illustrator on the team. They'd worked together for years but had hidden those parts behind their masks until this exercise. "We didn't feel our hobbies were useful to our job." That "wow!" moment unlocked a discussion about creativity in the team, and led to a redesign of their planning sessions.

The second part of the exercise involves everyone writing on the outside of each other's masks: writing something they admire about that person, something they did to make the last project succeed, and something they love about how the other person shows up.

We've had teams take half an hour on this, just covering masks with genuine, sincere acknowledgements. And as it's written down, it's not easily forgotten or brushed off. Most teams celebrate success with a quick "great job!", maybe a drink, and then on to the next project. Our workshop helps team members feel valued and appreciated for their specific strengths. You can imagine the depth of conversation, and the possibilities created, when the team feels appreciated and seen.

What do our clients say when asked what they will do differently after the workshop?

"I will bring my authentic self to work more often"
"Respect the communication needs of my colleagues"
"Take a more active role in communicating"
"Pay more attention to team members' passions & well-being"

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